What happened when I received a subpoena for playing in the Fun88 casino in India?

What happened when I received a subpoena for playing in the Fun88 casino in India? Call i88, Fun88, Star City, Lao Tzu, who is rich and who is a black net?


Are casinos legal in India? This question is clear, and the answer is "no". It’s not difficult to see from the news that the police cracked down on an underground casino, but there has never been any news about legal Fun88 casinos other than India lottery tickets. Problem? In fact, as long as the tokens, points, points and other rewards won in the game are not exchanged for cash, it does not constitute a crime of gambling. cricket bet


So are online casinos illegal? Just like physical locations, only India lottery coupons are legal betting service providers in the country. Basically, there is no problem with storing values to play Fun88 casino games. It is not allowed to exchange cash back, but the casino industry finds some ways to protect the players from the law, and provide various games. The game platform can participate in gambling activities.


Understand the answer to the question and play in the Fun88 casino under safe conditions

  1. 1. How can Fun88 online casinos not violate the law?
  2. 2. Fun88: How to identify unsafe websites?
  3. 3. Fun88: What should I do if I encounter an online casino scam?

1. How can Fun88 online casinos not violate the law?

Monitoring Fun88 online games for gambling is also one of the duties of the Internet police. Although we can still play online Fun88 games on the Internet, there are also many websites and mobile games that directly use the word "gaming city" without evasiveness, but In the law, it is still safe. online casino india

  • ‧ Site registration location
    Some Fun88 casino hosts are registered in a country where the game is legal, so they are essentially casinos in that country. You can imagine that we go abroad to play in Fun88. We will not be unable to enter the casino because we are Indian, and we will not be fined for it. ; So there will be no case of being caught playing Fun88. teen patti rules

  • ‧ Game currency flow method
    Although sites registered in India such as the Fun88 official website do not have the function of "exchanging game points for cash", many games will use game currency trading to allow players to conduct relatively indirect gambling. This is the Casino Coin Chamber of Commerce. The reason for the rise. However, game currency dealers and game dealers are not the same unit. When both parties want to make money, they still have to fish out more from the players' pockets. andar bahar online

From the comparison table below, it can be seen that the ratio of stored value> withdrawal by currency dealers is different:

  Star City I have money Fun88 Casino
Stored value ratio 1:100 1:100 1:1
Payout ratio 1:144 1:140 1:1
Game feedback Update offers from time to time There are often discounts Update monthly offers
Operating status Fade away Many official internal problems Established for many years, the operation is relatively stable

Although a single small transaction may make no difference, the money lost over a long period of time can actually be played for several more games. It is recommended that you want to play this kind of gaming casino where you cannot directly withdraw money. It is better not to be in the mood to win money in exchange for cash. You will only waste money in the process of turning around.


2. Fun88: How to identify unsafe websites?

When a player enters an online casinos website that feels good, they often register as a member in order to see all the pages and try out the functions to be unlocked. They feel that they don’t like to play and then change. Although this idea is correct, it is easy to ignore the assessment of "safety" because of the attraction. ipl betting app


Observation points:

  1. 1. Does the antivirus software or browser have a jump reminder message?
  2. 2. Are the website display methods and display contents normal?
  3. 3. Do the links and buttons lead to normal URLs?


In addition, you can also check the evaluation of the online casino on the Internet, but brands such as i88 and Fun88 online casinos have established their own websites, and the content written by people in their own companies is not of high reference value. In addition, if it is a brand that has a very bipolar rating in the casino, like Fun88 has money, players should also measure whether the negative reviews are acceptable to them, and don't just look at the positive reviews.


3. Fun88: What should I do if I encounter an online casino scam?

Some players reported that they were contacted by official personnel, stating that he was about to receive a Tobo subpoena due to improper use of game content. Unless he can afford the company's losses, he would not be held accountable and asked to remit 70,000 yuan to a designated account. At first, I was nervous because of my legal position, but I played the game normally. I really didn't know where the violation was, but I couldn't contact the customer service and felt very distressed. In the end of this incident, the casino that the player registered at the beginning was built by an unscrupulous player who copied the Fun88 website. After the player registered as a member, he would wait for them to play for a period of time, and then use this method to defraud the player's money.


The above example is a case where the player entered the wrong website by mistake. Although the Fun88 player was not deceived to the 70,000 yuan in the end, the money stored during the game was spent, and the website is also a few. It was closed after a week, and it was useless to report the crime. There are also some casino brands that refuse to withdraw money under this kind of excuse. Although members are angry, it is difficult to change anything.


Spend some time for your own safety to observe the Fun88 casino you want to register. After all, gambling is a more sensitive area in India, and the invisible nature of the Internet makes it difficult to see through the traps at a glance. Choosing an online casino with decent management and a brand with a reputation for integrity can ensure a long-term, fair and safe playing environment.