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The 2021 edition of the Cricket World Cup began on October 17 and the final will take place on November 14. All the action will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates with 16 of the best teams traveling to participate. If you are passionate of cricket betting, keep reading to find out about all this event details. casino games


International cricket was founded almost 150 years ago. Even tough, its popularity has been increasing around time. If you are new at cricket betting, here's a quick review of the teams taking part along with a guide to some of the best players.


Countries in contention – Fun88


India are the favorites to win the 2021 World Cup and Virat Kohli's men are some way off the chasing pack. Therefore, consider India as a winner if you are into cricket betting. Close behind are 50 Over world champions England, with Australia in third place.


Next are the defending World T20 champions West Indies, while Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka are among those behind. Before the match starts, we have the reopening of the Indian Premier League. The markets for the T20 World Cup will begin to adjust in the wake of some of those performances and Fun88 will be on hand to quickly report any changes.


On the other hand, anyone interested in taking that knowledge on board can look to register with any of a panel of recommended bookmakers. Welcome offers are available in most cases, while a variety of funding and live streaming options are among the other potential benefits.


The key cricket players – Fun88

  2. ✔️ Sam Curran from England: Sam Curran made a name for himself with England and Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. He is an important player for both squads and will be key to his country's chances in the World Cup. A left-handed all-rounder, Curran can swing with the new ball and can score some useful runs down the order.

  3. ✔️ Kieron Pollard from West Indies: Since being given the captaincy of limited overs, Kieron Pollard has become more reliable. Scores consistently run in the last few overs and his medium pace bowling is more than useful at the death.

  4. ✔️ Quinton De Kock from South Africa: Unlike Kieron Pollard, Quinton De Kock suffered something of a dip in form when he was handed the captaincy of his country. Since being handed the armband, he has been more destructive in domestic franchise cricket and now needs to rediscover that touch for South Africa. De Kock can score runs quickly at the start of an innings and keeps wicket.

  5. ✔️ David Warner from Australia: Speaking of explosive batsmen, they do not come more powerful than David Warner; his job is to get Australia off to a quick start with the bat. If Warner stays in ten overs or more, his team might be on its way to the kind of total that will win them the game.

  6. ✔️ Jasprit Bumrah from India: Fast yorkers and hostile bouncers are the keys to Jasprit Bumrah's game and he is India's top bowler. Bumrah can play a dual role of taking early wickets with the new ball and keeping the runs down at the end of an innings.

  7. ✔️ Babar Azam from Pakistan: A stylish batsman who has risen the rankings since making his debut in 2015, Babar Azam is Pakistan's main hope in the T20 World Cup. If they are going to make an impact in 2021, skipper Babar is central to their hopes.

  8. ✔️ Kane Williamson from New Zealand: He is not an explosive batsman, but Kane Williamson can score quickly when his team needs him. He is more of a patient accumulator who can bat in an innings and that is a vital quality. Williamson is also the captain of the New Zealand team.


Cricket betting types: how to bet on the World Cricket Cup – Fun88

The rules of cricket are difficult to understand right away. This sport is not like baseball or soccer. However, after the bettor understands all the nuances of the rules of the game, he can start cricket betting. Handicap bets are common in cricket. There are two types of this bet, according to the rules of the game.

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The handicap on the total number of runs implies that the bettor can add or subtract several the points scored by the team in the game. There is also a handicap on the number of windows knocked down. This type of bet is not found in all bookmakers like Fun88, however, it is possible to "catch" it.


The simplest type of bet is a bet on the outcome of the match, that is, the victory of the first team, the second or a draw. Before placing a bet at Fun88, pay attention to the format of the game. For example, in a level one cricket match, as well as in test matches, there may be a draw at Fun88.


A draw is extremely rare, but its probability in cricket is higher than in field hockey itself. At the same time, in a one-day or T20, the result has only two outcomes: the victory of the first or second team, without a draw. Therefore, betting on a draw in cricket is not the best strategy.


Total bets – Fun88


A cricket total bet means a bet on the number of runs per game. Bookmakers offer a wide range of game totals. For example, the individual total is the total number of points scored by one of the teams. Totals over a certain period, after several overs or before the destruction of the first wicket, are also very popular among bettors.


If you decide to bet on the total, there are several factors to consider. First, pay attention to the format of the tournament because each of them has its own nuances and rules, even the score may differ. Also analyze your opponents, follow the statistics of past victories of the teams.

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Side bets – Fun88


Side bets can be called bets that do not appear permanently on the line in the bookmaker's office. They usually appear on the line of major tournaments. Often there are bets on high or low totals and handicaps.


Quite common is accurate score forecast, and to make things easier for you, you can guess whether it will be even or odd. This type of betting is quite complex, it is difficult to calculate it logically. Everything depends on the case, so the bettor must rely on his intuition.


In addition, sometimes the bookmaker receives an offer of a bet on indicators. match statistics... During a cricket match, various side events occur in addition to the number of injuries and other things.


For example, the lines of the main competitions have quotes for the best result of the partnership.... This is a bet on the best partnership per match. It refers to two sportsmen who have achieved better results together. To predict the best partners, you should carefully study the lineups, know the experience of each player.


Another common bet is on the first innings... As a rule, the bet is offered on the test line, however, in the game, the result of the first innings will be known only after a few days. In addition, the bettor can make long-term rates.... He can predict the winner of a championship or tournament in advance.


Special bets – Fun88


Cricket is a special kind of sport, so the lines of bookmakers are not limited to standard types of betting. In every game, there are possible non-standard outcomes that can be predicted. For example, you can bet on who is the best hitter or pitcher. To do this, follow the players' statistics to understand who is more likely to come out on top in the standings. rummy games


Tie betting is also no less popular at Fun88. Traditionally, the game starts with a tie to determine which team will strike first. You can predict the outcome. In principle, this is easy to do, because there are only two teams in the match. As a rule, this type of bet is offered especially often in major tournaments. As in e-sports, in cricket you can predict the MVP of the game, i.e., the best player of the match. As a rule, it is the player of the winning team.


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