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Fun88 has no upper limit for the rebate discount from now on, and the rebate limited-time discount is given with a code, the more you play, the more you get

Baccarat can be said to be one of the most popular games among Fun88 games, and its strategy and gameplay are relatively diverse. Color discs are one of the ways to play baccarat, although Fun88 plays baccarat. The disc has fewer players, but it also has some probability skills that can provide players with reference. During the game, you can easily win.

The most important first step of the color disc is to observe the strength of the Fun88 crockery and the roulette In the same way, the power of the croupier's rocker is one of the key factors that affect the result of the lottery. If the power of the rocker is small, the chance of Lianlong is relatively high, and the power of the rocker is relatively large, and the button combination is easier to disperse. , So the probability of a single jump or double jump will increase a lot.

Looking at the road and not playing the long dragon, the color disc gameplay of Fun88 is different from that of Baccarat or Dragon Tiger, because It is not a poker game, so the number of rounds of odd and double consecutive dragons will not be too many. Generally, there are four to six rounds. Rarely, the dragon will grow to more than seven rounds. If the player chases the dragon, the fourth round will be necessary. Pay attention to whether to continue chasing.

Finally, remind players to make good use of the Fun88 system's lottery record. After the double red and double white are drawn, the doubles will be opened consecutively. The odds are quite high, it can be two to four rounds in a row. If you encounter this type of card bet, you can raise your preparation in advance.

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